NYC | Martin Crockett
NYC | Martin Crockett

Consultant | Agile, E-commerce, Marketing, Technology

Technical program manager versed in digital business transformation, strategy, customer experience, and Agile project management based in New York, NY.




Consultant and practitioner with the ability to provide high-value strategy, delivery, and engineering solutions.

Digital transformation consultant

As a digital consultant, I offer transformation, project delivery, organizational change management, coaching skills, business analysis, technology implementation, strategy development, and performance improvement services.

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Key experiences

The triple threat:

Market sectors

Everything that can be digital will be.

-Craig Kanarick and Jeff Dachis, Razorfish, c.1996

Armed with practical knowledge

Consultant with deep practitioner knowledge. Able to comprehend and articulate complex information technical architectures.

Bring to table strategic thinking, expansive digital pedigree, backed with analytical expertise.

Successfully delivered for Fortune 50 companies, marketing agencies, consumer brands, small- and medium-sized enterprises, and startups.

Next-generation specialist

The “4-E’s” of a next-generation specialist are experience and expertise, exploration and execution.

Diverse experience underpins the deep expertise.

Exploration is always showing curiosity, always exploring, aiming for creative problem solving, and seeking innovation. Execution reflects the proven skill to deliver.

I've been fortunate to partner with practitioners who embrace professional skills in engineering digital models based on emerging technologies: Internet of Things (IoT), social, mobility, big data, cloud, autonomous systems, robotics and, data sciences.


Consulting Services

Lean Startup workshop - the winner gets it all!
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Advertising/Marketing Agencies



Eat. Sleep. Create. (Sometimes in that order.)
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Type Of Projects

Product Management

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