Hire A Consultant Project Manager In New York

In need of a consultant project manager based in New York City? Look no further.

I report directly to you and/or your business line owners. My role and responsibilities are to plan detailed requirements with my customers and usher deliverables through the project lifecycle. This includes managing project schedules, identifying issues and risks, and clearly communicating goals and milestones to project stakeholders.

My projects often span offices, time zones, and hemispheres, and it's my job to keep all the players coordinated on the project's progress and deadlines. Contact me now.

Hire a consultant project manager in New York, NY

Why a consultant project manager in New York?

I'm based in New York, thus reducing travel costs and logistics for local projects, and being placed in the North-East.

Why hire a consultant? In the case of hiring new talent, there may not be the resources in place to take on a full-time employee. Technologists can be placed on a temporary basis, typically in response to such employee absences, temporary skill shortages, and technical projects.

Hiring a consultant is the solution to this. A consultant in the truest sense of the word is a tried and tested professional, who consistently provides next-level quality of work. Contact me to learn more.

Consultancy teams built with strategists, designers, engineers, and data scientists can be spun up using a model of assembling the cast of resources needed on a "just in time" basis, dispensing of them once their efforts are complete and thus, passing on the savings directly to clients. Contact me to learn more.

Results-driven work

I provide project, program, and product management specialists in-house and remote to solve all of your complex business needs.

I provide the framework for all teams to innovate and seek improvements that will impact results, efficiency, client satisfaction, and profitability. Get in touch to find out more.

In-house or off-site: take your pick

I can work on contracts as short as one month to tackle any outstanding projects where you need extra support. This works well for MVPs (Minimum Viable Product) that need just the bare bones features built in order to validate hypotheses.

I have access to a network of specialists with years of experience integrating and hitting the ground running as "one team". Contact me to start your project.

Remote teams: near-shore, off-shore

Need assistance managing in-house or offshore development and QA teams? Having trouble getting your work turned around efficiently and effectively? I can provide services on both part-time and full-time schedules aligned to your needs to make sure you're getting the exact amount of support you need.

Contact me to manage your developers.

Experience: Agile, not Fragile

Agile? Waterfall? I've used both in their purest forms and hybrid combinations of the two. Of these, I'm aligned more to the Agile methodology, believing it to be the most effective tool for keeping correctly-sized teams working at maximum efficiency–yet have enough enterprise experience to know when to flex in order to get the work done.

Delivering work on time, on a budget, in scope and happy stakeholders is what makes a good project manager great. With real-time updates, a finely-tuned process, experience adapting to roadblocks, and a track record of success, I'll make sure you're not only satisfied with our work but so enthusiastically satisfied that you'll want to hire me again. Reach out to talk about your project.

Photo of a MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone: services

Technical/Marketing Services

From websites, web services or API integrations, software upgrades, cloud-based applications, mobile apps, e-commerce and other such discrete deliverables. And more. Technical projects are my forte. I can also wade through the digital marketing landscape of email, SEO, SEM, ASO, SM, FB, CPC, etc. Hire me for your digital marketing project needs.

Project Management

From inception through execution and delivery, providing services as the owner of the entire process or as supplemental support to your existing Project Management Office (PMO). I team with your in-house or offshore developers, testers, designers, and stakeholders.

Following my in-house, well-defined processes to ensure a strong delivery, or learning and applying your process to make sure the teams stay on track and on a budget. Contact me to learn more about project management.

Program Management

Do you have a complex suite of projects for a client, or an ongoing set of work that you need help coordinating? I have 10 years of experience directing and leading Project Managers, Development and QA Leads, and design teams. I can deliver the strategic oversight required for your program. Contact me to learn more about program management.

Product Management

Best in class user experience, user flows, funnels, conversions, and usability is paramount to a successful product design. Achieving the delivery of a product that keeps bounce rate low and conversion high is my highest priority. Aligning to your needs and specifications, I can work alongside your team to make sure your new website or application is delivered to exceed expectations. Contact me to learn more about product management.


Serious about your project management requirements? Let's talk business.

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Project Coordinator

For the ad-hoc managing of support tickets or discrete deliverables inside of a project, supporting your existing PMs.

Project Manager

Oversee, manage, and deliver projects, from initiation, planning, through to launch and post-launch support. I can also train your project managers to become better.

Product Manager

Directing design, UI/UX, and implementation of your app, website, or other software. Understanding business requirements and working with marketing needs.

Program Manager

Directing a program of linked projects under a single umbrella or overseeing teams of producers, project or product managers.

Like what you read - or need to know more?

With an independent contractor, the entire operation is simplified and the process is more efficient.

Communication is direct with the actual creators of your projects. This saves time, money, and frustration for each and every project you need to be developed.

Plus, you gain more control over your materials to fine-tune your message and achieve your marketing objectives. Please contact me to set up an initial conversation.