NYC | Martin Crockett
NYC | Martin Crockett

Consultant | Agile, E-commerce, Marketing, Technology

Technical program manager versed in digital business transformation, strategy, customer experience, and Agile project management based in New York, NY.



Case Studies

Key careers highlights: project inception, design sessions, iteration/sprint ceremonies, process or system improvements, system selection and implementation, product definition, development and launch.


Below are ten short form key career highlights/summaries extracted from my resume.

Fortune 10 automotive company

Gathered and analyzed data to advise clients on the use of emerging solutions, including Mobility, Analytics, and Automation, to add business value through strategic investments in content management systems, customer relationship management (CRM), native iOS apps, native Android apps, mobile web, and other platforms.

Global life sciences company

Authored business requirements and designed functional and technical recommendation documentation to drive the efforts to aquire a transformative platform, including content management system (CMS), and digital asset management (DAM). Interviewed 25 stakeholders from different areas of the North American and European business to solve the problem.

Commerce client

Authored business requirements and designing functional and technical documents for technology systems, including e-commerce, iOS, and digital asset management (DAM), using user experience (UX) and project management tools to create transformational solutions.

Solutions included global e-commerce platforms capable of handling multiple currencies and geographies, and mobile platforms capable of integrating front-end customer experience with operations.

Social media platform

Acted as the Product Manager and Technical Project Manager for a social media startup. Conceptualized the roadmap and executed plans for the go-to-market strategy for an API and Cloud platform. Responsible for business analysis, user experience, software development, marketing, copywriting and growth. Managed teams of native iOS, Android, and JavaScript/NoSQL platform developers.

Real-time web application

Hired as the Scrum Master and Senior Project Manager for a digital agency contracted to a Market Research and Polling Data Company.

Facilitated an Extreme Programming (XP) team consisting of four Ruby on Rails developers (two pairs) to build a bespoke web platform combining a custom algorithm and data extracted from social channels (SMS, Twitter, email) to power a real-time leaderboard dashboard analyzing user sentiment associated with popular topics of the day.

Delivered a fully-functional minimum viable product (MVP) within a week and iterated using one-week sprints.

Digital asset management (DAM) system

Acted as a Project Manager and Engagement Partner to a global beverages holding company. Assisted with the deployment of a bespoke DAM platform and training to marketing teams.

The solution delivered improved efficiencies in brand asset management while reducing the cost of publishing and maintenance. Chaired white-board sessions with Business Units to identify, gather and prioritize requirements.

Prepared the product roadmap and Functional Specification Document and implemented a project management strategy within the client teams to foster a unified approach.

E-commerce enablement

Performed as a Senior Project Manager for a digital agency. Helped a major consumer packaged goods (CPG) client to enable e-commerce functionality to a high-trafficked recipe website as part of a digital strategy program. Provided tactical support in the form of A/B testing, analytics/data science and integration with ratings and reviews platform.

E-commerce user experience/visual design

Senior Project Manager for a digital agency. Assisted in the prototyping, user testing, optimization and wireframing of the shopping cart and checkout flow for the e-commerce website of a major high street clothing and apparel brand.

Leveraged user testing sessions with clickable to prototypes to inform the design process and provide fast feedback to the team.

Engaged a multi-disciplinary team to provide re-branded US templates for EU markets.

Digital platforms

Designed IT infrastructure architectures, platforms, operating models, master data management strategies, and application rationalization approaches, using Enterprise Architecture to increase operational efficiency and provide visibility into cost data and quicker access to latest sales data and business partners’ and franchisees’ information, and recommending the use of software tools and development platforms for implementation, including SAP ERP, SalesForce, and HTML5.

Defining target operating models, data flow, and business context diagrams, and governance and team structures for IT organizations to reduce financial and operational risks.

Agile methodologies

Developed project plans and RACI matrices during the execution of global IT integration and transformation projects, and managing the development of software using SDLC processes, including Waterfall, hybrid, Agile, test-driven development (TDD) and rapid prototyping.

Tracked functional and technical system defects while integrating systems and databases, and developing learning and content management solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint and Adobe AEM/CQ platforms.

Translated business capabilities into enterprise software package modules, including SAP ERP, SharePoint, SalesForce, and native iOS/Android mobile apps, to create enterprise software solutions.

Technical program manager versed in digital business transformation, strategy, customer experience, and Agile project management based in New York, NY.

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